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by Sir Walter Scott
read by Frederick Davidson
Classic Literature • Unabridged
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Set in England during Richard I’s reign, Sir Walter Scott’s fanciful, vivid reinterpretation of medieval life is a successful blend of fact, myth and romance.

Wilfred of Ivanhoe earns his father’s disapproval by falling in love with Rowena, his father’s ward. Then he serves with Richard I during the Crusades, while the King’s brother attempts to take the throne in Richard’s absence. When the King and Ivanhoe return, a series of adventures take place against the backdrop of a tournament of the Knights Templar. Ivanhoe catches the eye of Rebecca, a beautiful and courageous Jewess; he is taken prisoner, along with his father and hers, and Rowena as well; and they rely upon one Locksley (Robin Hood) and his band of outlaws to set them free. When Rebecca is subsequently charged with witchcraft, she asks Ivanhoe to champion her in a trial by combat…but have his affections shifted, or does he still love Rowena?


"The real epic of our age."—Victor Hugo

“Walter Scott is out and away the king of the romantics.”—Robert Louis Stevenson

SIR WALTER SCOTT (1771-1832), Scottish novelist and poet, is known as the father of both the regional and historical novel. His early works were successful verse romances, but he achieved lasting fame with his prose. His Scottish romances, such as Waverly and Rob Roy, were followed by novels of the reconstructed past, including Ivanhoe and The Talisman. A law clerk, sheriff, baronet, and part owner of a publishing house, he lost everything during a depression and spent the last years of his life writing to pay off his debts. Some say he wrote himself to death.

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