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by Victor Hugo
read by Frederick Davidson
Classic Literature • Unabridged
Book ID(2571) - 13 hrs (est.), Published - 05/01/00

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Translated by Frank Lee Benedict

It is 1793 in France, the year of the guillotine. Already, Louis XVI has been sentenced to the scaffold, and terror reigns. Ideals topple in the face of political necessity, alliances founder, and intrigue is a way of life.

The architects of the Revolution — Marat, Danton, and Robespierre — have set up an embryo parliament called the Convention, designed to stem social chaos.

It is 1793, and in Vendee a peasant woman is striving desperately to protect her three children while Republican troops engage in bloody battle with counter-revolutionaries.

It is 1793; ideals topple in the face of political necessity, alliances founder, intrigue is a way of life.

And in Ninety-Three, Victor Hugo's inspired last novel, that tumultuous year's events are woven into an epic masterpiece that brilliantly captures the moment that shaped the destiny not only of France but of all of European monarchy.


"One of the loftiest achievements of Hugo's genius."—Saturday Review

"The book is full of pregnant and splendid sayings. There are scenes of inimitable workmanship. Ninety-Three is equal to anything that Hugo has ever written."-Robert Stevenson

VICTOR HUGO (1802–1885) was a poet, novelist, dramatist, and leader of the Romantic movement in France. He also played an active part in political life. His literary works best known in English include Les Misérables, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Ninety-Three.

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