Lectures: Donovan Albanesi

University of North Texas Denton, GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Association of Denton)
Introduction to Objectivism: 11-18-10

Free Minds 2011, Anaheim California 
The Moral Foundations of Capitalism: 07-09-11

University of North Texas Denton, YAL (Yong Americans for Liberty)
Introduction to Objectivism: 10-13-11

Students For Liberty Austin Regional Conference (The University of Texas Austin) Hosted by the UT Libertarian Longhorns
Introduction to Objectivism: 10-22-11

University of North Texas Denton, YAL (Yong Americans for Liberty)
Why The Initiation of Physical Force is Evil: 03-20-14

Topics of Interest: Introduction to Objectivism, The Moral Foundations of Capitalism
(from an Objectivist perspective), Egoism and Individualism,  Self-Esteem and Freedom, The Evil of Initiating Physical Force, Atheism, Gay Rights.

Mr. Albanesi is not an official spokesman for the philosophy of Objectivism, nor is he endorsed by any national organizations which promotes Ayn Rand’s ideas. To obtain a compressive understanding of Objectivism, it is recommended that one read the works of Ayn Rand or material that she endorsed.

Please contact The Culture of Reason Center if you would like to invite Donovan Albanesi as a speaker: (cultureofreasoncenter@gmail.com)