The Ominous Parallels Test 01

This test has been designed to assess your comprehension of (TOP). Questions have been formed from Chapter 1 and 2 only. Subsequent tests will cover additional chapters of the book. It is not intended to be an open book test. There are 20 questions - each is worth 5 points. This test can be taken by students before and after reading TOP (as a pre and/or post-test). Only reading Ayn Rand's fictional work will not be sufficient preparation to excel on this test. This assessment can help students of Objectivism and study-group organizers determine the ideal study materials and is not intended to evaluate one's agreement with Objectivism.

Note: All questions are formed from assertions and arguments made by the author of the book/material. When answering test questions, please keep in mind that the "correct" answer is based on those assertions. The Culture of Reason Center does not necessarily endorse the positions articulated in the subject material.

Test Score Range:
0-60: Minimal understanding (Low) - Basic study needed
65-70: Moderate understanding (Low-Mid) - Basic study needed
75-80: Good understanding (Intermediate) - Basic study review needed
85-90: Competent (High-Mid) - Proceed to more technical studies
95-100: Advanced  (High) - Proceed to more technical studies

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The Ominous Parallels Test 01

1) Fill in the blank: ____________ is the theory that the group has primacy over the individual. The individual has reality only as part of the group, and value only insofar as he serves it; on his own he has no political rights. [p.17]

2) Contrary to the Marxists, the Nazis did not advocate public ownership of the means of production. [.p.18]

3) Fill in the blanks: Under communism, there is collective ownership of property _________. Under Nazism, there is the same collective ownership _________. [p.18]

4) Dr. Peikoff maintains that the cause of Nazism is ______________. [p.20-25]

5) This science determines the destiny of nations and the course of history. It is the source of a nation’s frame of reference and code of values, the root of a people’s character and culture. [p.23]

6) A cultural atmosphere is not a primary. It is created, ultimately, by a handful of men; by those whose lifework it is to deal with, originate, and propagate fundamental ideas.[p.24]

7) If we view the West’s philosophic development in terms of essentials, three fateful turning points stand out, three major philosophers who, above all others, are responsible for generating the disease of collectivism and transmitting it to the dictators of our century. The three are: [p.26]

8) Plato is the father of collectivism in the West. [p.26]

9) Who created the first blueprint of the totalitarian ideal which includes the view that the state should be rulled by a special elite: the philosophers? [p.28]

10) Aristotle was a consistent advocate of political individualism. [p.30]

11) Fill in the blank: One of _______ major goals was to save religion (including the essence of religious morality) from the onslaughts of science. [p.31]

12) Kant is a full-fledged statist. [p.33]

13) Kant accepts certain elements of individualism. [p.33]

14) The philosophic term for the nineteenth-century intellectual’s revolt against reason and the Enlightenment is: [p.33]

15) Fill in the blank: Reality, declares __________, is inherently contradictory; it is a systematic progression of colliding contradictions organized in triads of thesis, antithesis, synthesis – and men must think accordingly. [p.34]

16) Identify the author of this quote: “A single person, I need hardly say, is something subordinate, and as such he must dedicate himself to the ethical whole. Hence if the state claims life, the individual must surrender it.” [p.35]

17) Identify the author of this quote: “[F]ie on you wherever you be, you damned Jews, who dare to clasp this earnest, glorious, consoling Word of God to your maggoty, mortal, miserly belly, and are not ashamed to display your greed so openly.” [p.41]

18) Fill in the blank: Politically, ________, like Hegel, anticipates all the central tenets of the Nazis. He is a champion of the organic theory of the state, and an authoritarian who yearns for an elite of scholar-dictators to rule the ignorant masses. Because of his advocacy of state control of the economy, he is often regarded as the father of modern socialism. [p.42]

19) Fill in the blank: ________ was the creator of modern communism. [p.42]

20) Who coined the term: “the Third Reich”? [p.43]

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