The Virtue of Selfishness Test 03

This test has been designed to assess your comprehension of  (VOS) [Centennial Edition]. Questions have been formed from Chapter 7 through Chapter 13. Subsequent tests will cover additional chapters of the book. It is not intended to be an open book test. There are 20 questions - each is worth 5 points. This test can be taken by students before and after reading VOS (as a pre and/or post-test). Only reading Ayn Rand's fictional work will not be sufficient preparation to excel on this test. This assessment can help students of Objectivism and study-group organizers determine the ideal study materials and is not intended to evaluate one's agreement with Objectivism.

Note: All questions are formed from assertions and arguments made by the author of the book/material. When answering test questions, please keep in mind that the "correct" answer is based on those assertions. The Culture of Reason Center does not necessarily endorse the positions articulated in the subject material.

Test Score Range:
0-60: Minimal understanding (Low) - Basic study needed
65-70: Moderate understanding (Low-Mid) - Basic study needed
75-80: Good understanding (Intermediate) - Basic study review needed
85-90: Competent (High-Mid) - Proceed to more technical studies
95-100: Advanced  (High) - Proceed to more technical studies

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The Virtue of Selfishness Test 03

1) To compromise is fundamentally wrong, even in regard to concretes or particulars which are based upon a mutually accepted basic principle between two or more willing parties. [p.79]

2) To accept “just a few government controls” is to surrender the principle of inalienable individual rights. [p.80]

3) To accept a lesser job than one had wanted is an example of a compromise of principles. [p.80]

4) Fill in the blank: ________ is the idea that one must never pass moral judgement on others, that one must be morally tolerant of anything. [p.82]

5) Objectivism agrees with the precept: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” [p.83]

6) Indiscriminate tolerance and indiscriminate condemnation are two variants of the same evasion. [p.84]

7) One must declare: “everybody is white (good)” or “everyone is black (evil)”. [p.84]

8) To judge moral character is an easy task. [p.84]

9) It is fairly easy to grasp abstract moral principles; it can be very difficult to apply them to a given situation, particularly when it involves the moral character of another person. [p.84]

10) The policy of always pronouncing moral judgement means that one must regard oneself as a missionary charged with the responsibility of “saving everyone’s soul.” [p.84]

11) If there is no black and white, there can be no gray. [p.87]

12) If, in a complex moral issue, a man struggles to determine what is right, and fails or makes an honest error, he is morally “gray.” [p.88]

13) Errors of knowledge are not breaches of morality. [p.88]

14) Morality deals only with issues open to man’s choice (i.e., to his free will). [p.88]

15) Identify the following: The substitution of one particular concrete for the wider abstract class to which it belongs. [p.94]

16) The desire for the unearned in matter is more destructive than the desire for the unearned in spirit. [p.102]

17) There is no such entity as “the public.” [p.103]

18) According to Ayn Rand: All men have a right to a good education and a decent home. [p.113]

19) The institution of “economic rights” destroys the institution of political rights. [p.117]

20) Since there is no fully free country today, every country is morally open to invasion. [p.122]

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