Lectures on the Psychology of Romantic Love

Lectures on the Psychology of Romantic Love

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Additional Info Lectures on the Psychology of Romantic Love by Nathaniel Branden 16 Lectures (Recorded Circa 1970). Downloadable MP3 Format: 18 hours (est).


In his 16-lecture recorded course, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ROMANTIC LOVE, a revolutionary psychological theorist and distinguished practicing therapist has chosen to deal with one of the most crucially important aspects of human life: the man-woman relationship.

The concept of romantic love as the proper basis of marriage has gained greater acceptance in North America than anywhere else in the world. Yet the divorce rate in this country is also higher than anywhere else in the world — and is continuing to rise at an accelerating pace. This has led some psychologists and marriage counselors to question the validity of romantic love as a basis for an enduring marital relationship. Nathaniel Branden challenges these critics and presents a new and original theory of the nature and meaning of romantic love in human life, the relation of love and sex, the nature of masculinity and femininity — and the psychological conditions necessary for the achievement of emotional and sexual fulfillment.

Offering a unique integration of the theoretical and practical aspects of his subject matter, Mr. Branden's course is illuminated by many examples and illustrations taken from his experience as a therapist and marriage counselor.

An earlier version of this course was presented by Mr. Branden some years ago in major cities throughout the country, under the auspices of the Nathaniel Branden Institute (which ceased operations in 1968). In the summer of 1970, he gave a radically revised and expanded version in Los Angeles, under the auspices of the Institute of Biocentric Psychology. The course was recorded live — and it is this course that is now available on records from Academic Associates.

Nathaniel Branden is the author of The Psychology of Self—Esteem (1969) and Breaking Free (1970). In addition to his work as a therapist, he is Executive Director of the Institute of Biocentric Psychology, where he provides education and training in his theories to psychiatrists, psychologists and marriage counselors. He is now writing a new book, scheduled for publication in the fall of 1971.

When Mr. Branden addresses himself to a psychological subject, his approach to it is invariably original, exciting, unexpected and immensely valuable. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ROMANTIC LOVE is a striking illustration of this approach.

1. THE HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF ROMANTIC LOVE "Love" in primitive societies —The Greek and Roman view — The Christian attack on sexuality — Individualism, capitalism and the birth of romantic love.

2. THE NATURE OF LOVE The attacks on romantic love by psychologists — The crisis in marriage — Psychological visibility — Love as self discovery.

3. HEALTHY LOVE VERSUS NEUROTIC "LOVE" The psychological preconditions of being able to love — Distinguishing healthy from neurotic love.

4. LOVE AND SEX The meaning of pleasure — The psychological meaning of the sexual experience.

5. MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT MASCULINITY AND FEMININITY Common fallacies about the nature of man and woman — The Freudian view — The conspiracy against woman.

6. THE MEANING OF MASCULINITY AND FEMININITY The psychological consequences and expression of man and woman's biological differences — The criteria of authentic masculinity and femininity.

7. THE CHALLENGE OF MASCULINITY AND FEMININITY The biological basis of male and female sex roles — Aggressiveness and passivity in man and woman.

8. FEAR OF MASCULINITY AND FEMININITY Selfishness and healthy sexuality — Fear of one's sexual role — Problems of a superior man or woman — The revolt against masculinity and femininity.

9. THE GOALS OF A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP The characteristics of a good romantic relationship — Communicating psychological visibility.

10. THE FAILURE TO PROJECT PSYCHOLOGICAL VISIBILITY Why romance so often vanishes — The importance of thought and effort to sustain a relationship — The importance of leisure.

11. EMOTIONAL REPRESSION The nature and causes of repression — The symptoms of repression in a romantic relationship.

12. DEALING WITH EMOTIONAL REPRESSION IN MARRIAGE Repression and communication — Repression and sexual problems — Breaking through repressive blocks.

13. COMMUNICATING DISSATISFACTIONS Constructive complaining — Defensiveness — The harmful effects of repressing grievances.

14. THE NATURE OF SEXUAL INTERACTION The importance of selfishness in sex — The importance of understanding oneself sexually.

15. PROBLEMS IN THE AREA OF SEX Impotence and premature ejaculation — The non—orgasmic woman — Common misconceptions concerning sex.

16. THE CONCEPT OF MARRIAGE Unrealistic expectations concerning marriage — The problem of infidelity— Is romantic love for everyone?

Disclaimer: Nathaniel Branden's Lectures on the Psychology of Romantic Love are being provided for historical study. Views expressed in these seminars do not necessarily reflect Dr. Branden's later theories or opinions.