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Additional Info In Focus Complete Series (Raymond Newman's Interviews with Dr. David Kelley) MP3 Download. 7.3 hours

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In Focus Interview 1 (Justice, Racism) MP3 Format. 36.50 min

Why is our criminal justice system not working? What philosophic principles, if adopted, would make it work? Why does racism persist? Is racial identification ever relevant and rational?

In Focus Interview 2 (Economic Trade, Evidence of the Senses) MP3 Format. 37.20 min

The misconceptions of our trade wars with other countries. Is it a good idea to buy American? How can the evidence of the senses be proven reliable, if proof itself is based on sensory data?

In Focus Interview 3 (Immigration, Ethics) MP3 Format. 37.00 min

Can America withstand the shock of massive immigration resulting from an open border policy? Is a proper personal morality predicated on what is good for society?

In Focus Interview 4 (The Value of Philosophy) MP3 Format. 36.31 min

Why isn't philosophy popular? How do many people choose a philosophy, and how should they? What role does art play in philosophy?

In Focus Interview 5 (Public Education, Honesty) MP3 Format. 36.44 min.

What is fundamentally wrong with our educational system? Should students be taught facts or principles? What should be educations prime objective? Does morality require you to always tell the truth? What about white lies, lies told not to hurt others, lies to court favor, lies to the IRS? To whom ought you never lie?

In Focus Interview 6 (Lobbying, Integrity) MP3 Format. 36.28 min

Why are lobbyists vital presently in our society; and what political change would make them unnecessary? If you were offered a million dollars to misstate your philosophic position on a radio show, would you?

In Focus Interview 7 (Supreme Court Appointments, Is Everyone Selfish?) MP3 Format. 36.55 min

If, prior to 1861, a slave had petitioned for based on his right to life, what should the Supreme Court have ruled? What standard should be used to interpret the Constitution? Doesnt everyone act in his or her own interest? Dont altruists get personal pride and pleasure from what they do? How should selfishness be defined?

In Focus Interview 8 (Gambling, Foreign Policy) MP3 Format. 36.51 min

Is gambling immoral? Do we have a Constitutional right to open a casino anywhere in the U.S.? What reasons support our military involvement in foreign countries? Is combating genocide one of them?

In Focus Interview 9 (Trials by TV, Jury System) MP3 Format. 36.48 min

Do investigative journalism programs pervert our judicial system? Should TV producers be liable for damages caused by true, but misleading, statements and innuendos made on their programs? Pros and cons of the jury system.

In Focus Interview 10 (Drug Legalization, Family Obligations) MP3 Format. 37.39 min

Should heroin be sold in the supermarket? Would legalizing hard drugs reduce or increase crime? What obligations do parents owe to children in terms of philosophical education?

In Focus Interview 11 (Animal Rights, Parent Obligations) MP3 Format. 37.44 min

Animals: Is it rational to love them, feel compassionate toward them, and then eat them? Do not all living things have a natural right to life? Do children have an obligation to provide support to needy elderly parents?

In Focus Interview 12 (Doctor Assisted Suicide, Grades in Schools, Smoking) MP3 Format. 36.48 min

Does the right to life include the right to commit suicide? What function, if any, should grades play in an ideal educational system? David Kelley on Smoking.

On the IN FOCUS radio program, David Kelley, Founder and Director of The Atlas Society, and author of The Evidence of the Senses, Unrugged Individualism: The Selfish Basis of Benevolence, and other works, and Ray Newman, talk show host and commentator, explored the application of Objectivist principles to a broad range of important personal and social issues.

Authorization to offer this product has been provided by Dr. David Kelley and Raymond Newman.